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FBackup4.8 este un program free foarte util care va ajuta sa va protejati datele importante, facand back-up automat pe orice dispozitiv USB/Fireware, disk local sau prin retea. Datele salvate pot fi comprimate folosind compresia zip standard, sau o copie exacta nearhivata a fisierelor originale.

FBackup4.8 has a simple interface and guides you through the process of defining a backup job using a friendly wizard that asks you:

• Where do you want to store the backup (the destination).
• What do you want to backup (the sources).
• How do you want to run the backup (using full backup that zips the files, or mirror backup that doesn't zip them).
• When do you want to run the backup (you can schedule it to run automatically or run it manually).

Once a backup job is defined, you can run it manually by pressing the Backup button (or F6), or if you add a scheduler it will run automatically. FBackup can easily back up sources from local drives (including USB connected drives) to destinations such as USB/Firewire connected devices or mapped network locations. It creates either standard zip files (when using "full backup"), or exact copies of the original sources without any compression (using "mirror backup"). The best thing about this freeware backup software is that it protects your data for free.

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